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Restructuring Review of the Americas

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Americas Restructuring Review 2020

Across 17 chapters and 208 pages, the Americas Restructuring Review 2020 (edited by Richard J Cooper and Lisa M Schweitzer) provides an invaluable retrospective from 32 authors. Together, our contributors capture and interpret the most substantial recent international restructuring events of the year just gone, supported by footnotes and relevant statistics. Other articles provide a backgrounder – to get you up to speed, quickly, on the essentials of a particular jurisdiction. This edition is bigger than ever and covers Argentina, Bahamas, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, the Cayman Islands, Chile, Dominican Republic, Mexico and the US (from several angles). It also includes two chapters on sovereign debt.

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The Restructuring Review of the Americas 2019

Complementing our news and magazine coverage, The Restructuring Review of the Americas provides exclusive thought leadership, direct from pre-eminent practitioners. The Review gathers the expertise of 19 leading figures from 12 different firms in eight jurisdictions. In this volume we have expanded our coverage in the United States. In addition to an overview of Chapter 11 of the US Bankruptcy Code, our expert panel also reviews hedge fund and private equity fund participation and some of the investment strategies that funds continue to adopt to maximise their returns. Chapter 15 is discussed in two chapters: first, a full review of Chapter 15 as a tool providing effective mechanisms for dealing with cross-border insolvency cases and looking at whether it remains a welcoming destination for foreign debtors; second, a look at the limits of Chapter 15 with specific consideration to the high burden parties must overcome to invoke section 1506 of the Bankruptcy Code, which allows courts to refuse to take action on public policy grounds. Furthermore, our panel provides an overview of the bankruptcy law in Argentina and considers criticisms made against Brazil’s restructuring legislation and the proposed amendments suggested in May 2018 to revamp corporate restructuring in the country. We also review the broad and flexible restructuring options available in Canada; offshore restructuring in the Bahamas; and the Concurso Law in Mexico, explaining why it has not provided a feasible and efficient restructuring procedure for companies in financial distress. Additionally, our experts in Chile consider the flaws of the local regime, while our panel in Venezuela assesses the current regime, which lacks a statutory concept of insolvency, in the face of widespread economic instability.


The Restructuring Review of the Americas 2018

The Restructuring Review of the Americas is one of a series of free-to-view thought leadership resources, rooted in the front-line experience of pre-eminent practitioners. Contributors are selected because of their knowledge of complex issues in the following jurisdictions: Brazil, Canada, Cayman Islands, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Peru and the US.

Our regional reviews commission top cross-border insolvency and restructuring professionals to write about the most significant current topics, recent news, and forthcoming developments in their region.

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