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Insolvency law tends to thrive during challenging periods, and it is evident that restructuring and insolvency activities have surged worldwide in 2023.

The Asia-Pacific region has not been immune to recent financial upheavals, which is underscored in this edition of the Asia-Pacific Restructuring Review. Every jurisdiction discussed in the Review faces its unique economic adversities and prescribes distinct solutions. The varied responses to the covid-19 pandemic also led to either a drop or an increase in insolvency cases, as the Japanese experience demonstrates.

To provide clarity, experts from each jurisdiction have distilled the most significant recent developments, practices and economic trajectories for our readers. Within the Asia-Pacific region, it is also intriguing to note sectoral nuances with respect to insolvency, which differ across jurisdictions. Singapore, for example, has witnessed a surge in crypto-related cases, while Hong Kong’s insolvency landscape has been deeply affected by disruptions in mainland China’s real estate sector.

Considering the fluid nature of restructuring and insolvency practices, periodic reflections are beneficial; this Review offers readers a comprehensive, up-to-date overview of prevailing trends.

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