Regional news: Jamaica

Digicel wraps up Bermudan scheme with Chapter 15 recognition in New York

Jamaica-headquartered telecoms group Digicel has finalised its US$7 billion restructuring after a New York court gave its Bermudan scheme full force and effect in the United States.

26 June 2020

Metals miner fights to keep Jamaican subsidiary's bankruptcy in the US

US mining and metallurgy company Noranda Aluminium is denying suggestions by one of its creditors that the bankruptcy proceedings of its Jamaican subsidiary do not belong in a Missouri court.

04 April 2016

Metals miner files for Chapter 11 citing Jamaican arbitration ruling

US mining and metallurgy company Noranda Aluminium Holding Corporation (NAHC) has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, citing an ongoing arbitration with the government of Jamaica as a key reason for its distress.

19 February 2016

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