Regional news: Bulgaria

Bulgarian agricultural group’s Chapter 15 challenged over foreign rep appointment

A commodities futures merchant that has been stalled from prosecuting Bulgarian agricultural group Agro Santino in the US has waged opposition against its Chapter 15 petition, arguing that it was filed in bad faith and that the foreign representative was not properly appointed.

19 July 2022

Bulgarian agriculture group seeks recognition amid “aggressive” New York litigation

The local lawyer of a defunct Bulgarian agricultural group has sought Chapter 15 recognition of its insolvency proceedings in New York to stay litigation from a US commodities futures merchant that she claims is “undermining” the authority of the Bulgarian court and subverting fundamental legal principles.

16 June 2022

Regulatory roundup: pre-insolvency predominates

January saw reforms to insolvency frameworks in a range of jurisdictions, including pre-insolvency mechanisms in Panama and Bulgaria and a stricter line on company liquidity in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

02 February 2017

Metals miner files Chapter 15 case to recognise UK scheme

A Ukraine-based steel and mine holding company has filed for Chapter 15 protection in a Delaware court, blaming its troubles on the ongoing unrest in eastern Ukraine.

28 January 2016

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