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Garrigues was the first Spanish firm to set up a Restructuring and Insolvency department, inspired by the Anglo-Saxon model. Other Spanish firms followed in our wake. Our success lies in tailor-made advice to hedge funds, debt funds and other relevant players of distressed market looking for successful deals related to listed companies, industrial, audiovisual, steel and defence companies, to name a few. Long before Spanish legislation allowed debtors to refinance their debt in a stable legal environment, Garrigues acted in and successfully negotiated debt refinancing arrangements by using innovative tools. When the law incorporated these tools (2009), Garrigues utilised them to maximum effect. Even today we continue to promote these legal tools, such as the so-called Spanish Scheme of Arrangements, with novel and ambitious interpretations that are validated by the courts, giving rise to pioneer cases that set the trend (Petromiralles, 2014). Having an experienced Banking and Finance team and, at the same time, being able to call on the best experts in restructuring (including former judges) enables us not only to assemble multidisciplinary teams (other firms already do this) but also to employ restructuring techniques that are tried and tested and effective in any of the phases a company may be going through. When advising investors, other firms find it hard to manage complex and urgent NPLs or REO transactions. Garrigues achieves a smooth transition from legal due diligence processes to the SPA phase by involving its specialists in insolvency, real estate and financing from the very outset.