AKD Luxembourg

With over 475 lawyers, tax advisers, civil law notaries and support staff in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, AKD is a leading Benelux law firm. For clients, the firm is the gateway from, to and within the Benelux nations.

For over a century, AKD has combined a full-service approach and a broad sector focus to consider any question from a range of angles and to provide quality solutions anywhere in the world from the firm’s own offices as well as through its various country teams and extensive, worldwide network. Practising Dutch, Belgian and Luxembourg law, the firm has the size, expertise and experience to assist in national and international mergers and acquisitions, solve complex public sector issues, conduct minor and major litigation, and advise in substantial projects, such as those regarding energy transition and issues concerning privacy and data security.

AKD’s goal is to offer clients the best advice possible in a contemporary, efficient manner, which is why various fee arrangements are offered. Any fee arrangement is negotiable, from fixed hourly rates to fee caps, and from contingency fees to success fees.

Whether it is doing business or winning cases, AKD helps clients do both. The firm’s committed, ambitious professionals have no use for legalese, turning the complex into the coherent for clients. Rather than leaving doubts to linger, AKD resolves them: exactly as clients would expect from advisers.


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