Worked Out
GRR surveys individual countries’ cross-border restructuring and insolvency regimes to bring you everything you need to know about operating there – including the key players in the market.


Even the past is uncertain: Brazil Worked Out

For the latest of our ‘Worked Out’ features, GRR spoke to a crop of local practitioners about the lack of certainty in the Brazilian restructuring market and its side effects – from local banks trying to cut themselves out of restructurings to equity holders delaying filing before the country’s courts. Will proposed changes to the law bring more predictability? GRR investigates.

Is the best yet to come?

Brazil’s infamous ‘car wash’ scandal has unexpectedly helped develop Brazil’s restructuring framework but there is still a lot of room for improvement. What still needs to change, and which tools would local practitioners like to see included in the new law? GRR finds out.

Banks and shareholders: where is the leverage?

Unlike in other jurisdictions, shareholders have historically played a powerful role in Brazilian restructurings, while a small band of the country’s banks have been able to sit outside negotiations, unwilling to accept haircuts. Are things going to change?

Distressed investors on the horizon?

The uncertainty in the Brazilian restructuring market has made it difficult to attract local investors, but there are signs that foreign investments are on the uptick. There is still work to be done, and lawyers say fixing the country’s DIP financing legislation would be a good start.

Names to know in Brazil

GRR's guide to the firms and individuals you need to know in Brazil's restructuring market.


A viable alternative: Ireland Worked Out

Against the backdrop of Brexit and the economic impact that may have on the UK’s closest neighbour, GRR examines whether Dublin is ready to play a valuable supporting role to London in the years to come.

Weatherford and Ballantyne

Two recent cases show that Ireland’s restructuring regime, particularly its lesser-known scheme of arrangement, may soon get its moment to shine.

Looking ahead and Brexit

Ireland’s economy has been buoyant in recent years and the long tide of crash-era property enforcement work is subsiding, lawyers say. But more work is on its way thanks to Brexit and multinationals looking local.

Names to know in Ireland

A list of the key names to know in the Dublin restructuring scene, from Irish law firms to international law firms and non-lawyer insolvency practitioners.


A victim of its own success? Spain Worked Out

GRR is happy to present the latest instalment in its Worked Out series, this time focusing on Spain - whose scheme mechanism in recent years has gained it a reputation as one of the 'best pupils' of international restructuring.

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