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The Asia-Pacific Restructuring Review 2019

The Asia-Pacific Restructuring Review provides exclusive insight, direct from pre-eminent practitioners. In this volume, our experts in Singapore take a look at the key developments and unresolved issues following the significant amendments to the Companies Act, while the India chapter considers the amendments made to the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code since its enactment and implementation. In China, the Review considers the notice of the Supreme People’s Court on issuing the minutes of the national court work conference on bankruptcy trails, which is considered the most important update to the legal practice of bankruptcy law in recent years. This edition also provides an overview of the Insolvency Reform Act in Australia, with case analysis on landmark cases including Bis Industries which was the largest restructuring of 2017 in the Australian market. Additionally, our expert panel consider the criticisms of the Indonesian restructuring legislation and provide jurisdictional updates in Japan, Malaysia, Korea and the Cayman Islands


The European, Middle Eastern and African Restructuring Review 2018

Complementing our news coverage, The European, Middle Eastern and African Restructuring Review 2018 provides exclusive thought leadership, direct from pre-eminent practitioners. The Review gathers the expertise of 25 leading figures from 12 different firms in nine different jurisdictions. Contributors are vetted for international standing and knowledge of complex issues before being approached. In this volume our experts provide jurisdictional updates on England & Wales, France, Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Spain and Switzerland, with expanded coverage from our inaugural edition on South Africa and Finland. Our panel also provides analysis on Litigation Funding in Spain, forum shopping in relation to the Niki Luftfahrt insolvency proceedings and the beleaguered retail sector.


The Restructuring Review of the Americas 2018

The Restructuring Review of the Americas is one of a series of free-to-view thought leadership resources, rooted in the front-line experience of pre-eminent practitioners. Contributors are selected because of their knowledge of complex issues in the following jurisdictions: Brazil, Canada, Cayman Islands, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Peru and the US.

Our regional reviews commission top cross-border insolvency and restructuring professionals to write about the most significant current topics, recent news, and forthcoming developments in their region.

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