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Global Restructuring Review is the world’s only daily news and analysis service on cross-border restructuring and insolvency law.

Our in-depth but digestible stories keep professionals of all disciplines ahead of the opposition on major court decisions, legislative changes, evolving cases and community gossip – worldwide.

We’ll tell you everything from which law and advisory firms are on what matters, to what to think about the latest changes in process, practice or law affecting cross-border restructuring or insolvency work, in or out of court. Our stories also frequently contain primary documents not available elsewhere.

Meanwhile, our longer reads, and beautifully presented Quarterly magazine include exclusive interviews with those shaping the field, including judges, while our guest columns allow the best international lawyers and advisers to relay priceless knowledge.

GRR’s team of inhouse journalists also produce pitch-perfect surveys, from our GRR 100 list of the top 100 cross-border restructuring and insolvency firms around the world, to “Worked Outs”; honest and impartial assessments of individual countries’ cross-border restructuring and insolvency regimes, and the key players in that market; and go behind the scenes of innovative and impossible-seeming restructurings in our “Unpacked” series.

Our “Insight” section, meanwhile, offers three regional reviews and a hardback book series, written by external contributors. They include the Art of the Ad Hoc and the Art of the Pre-pack, edited and written by leaders in those disciplines.

Finally, our GRR Live events are laser-focused industry gatherings with the emphasis on dialogue and audience participation, again featuring some of the best names in the cross-border restructuring and insolvency world.

Meet the team

Meet the Global Restructuring Review editorial team

David Samuels

David Samuels

Publisher, Global Restructuring Review

Kyriaki Karadelis

Editor, Global Restructuring Review

Benjamin Clarke

Deputy Editor, Global Restructuring Review

Dominic Lawson

Senior news reporter, Global Restructuring Review

Cristina Brooks

Senior news reporter, Global Restructuring Review

Teodor Teofilov

News reporter, Global Restructuring Review

Jordan Fermanis

News reporter, Global Restructuring Review

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