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Global Restructuring Review (GRR) is the trusted source of worldwide news and analysis for restructuring and insolvency practitioners. It keeps you up to speed with the global issues and trends that matter, giving you the detail, and depth you need to operate successfully.

GRR provides daily coverage of key global news straight to your inbox, as well as analysis of the latest hiring trends, key players, growth areas and emerging issues. It enables you to build customized cross-border reports with a powerful comparative Q&A tool that provides rich detail on local laws and regulation, so you can advise quickly and accurately.

GRR gives you critical insight into the market landscape with a wide range of regular reports and surveys, helping you monitor your performance against its peers. Navigate the world’s complex R&I landscape with our technical library, collaborative community research, and in-depth reviews from key jurisdictions, provide a comprehensive range of vital intelligence.

Our intelligence enables you to pinpoint the key regional figures and understand their local insolvency regimes and ecosystems. You can also search our exclusive dataset of recognition decisions from over 20 global jurisdictions, helping you gauge local reception.

Extend your research with sources and documents from our range of key primary and secondary legislation across the legal framework and stay connected with our coverage of the major conferences, meetings and milestones in R&I law and policy, across the world.

GRR is fully embedded in the global R&I community. Our comprehensive news and insight, as well as in-depth guidance, is curated to meet your specific requirements. Which is why the global restructuring community relies on GRR to keep it informed.

Meet the team

Meet the Global Restructuring Review editorial team

David Samuels

David Samuels

Publisher, Global Restructuring Review

Kyriaki Karadelis

Editor, Global Restructuring Review

Benjamin Clarke

Deputy Editor, Global Restructuring Review

Teodor Teofilov

News reporter, Global Restructuring Review

William Macadam

News reporter, Global Restructuring Review

Elisha Juttla

News reporter, Global Restructuring Review

Freya Gilbert

News reporter, Global Restructuring Review

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