The Art of the Ad Hoc - Edition 3
The Art of the Ad Hoc - Edition 3

With changes in credit markets, traditional steering committees – now seen as too slow and unwieldy – have fallen from favour in restructurings. Enter the ad hoc committee. It takes less time to set up, is more fl exible and can achieve better results.

Understanding the rules that govern these committees and their inner workings is essential. The Art of the Ad Hoc has all the answers. In plain English, it provides a comprehensive guide to how to work successfully with these committees, an activity that Judge James MPeck says in the Introduction is rightly described as ‘an art’.

The Art of the Ad Hoc draws on the collective wisdom and actual experiences of 18 distinguished practitioners from eight fi rms to cover several angles and perspectives – particularly those of committee members and debtors. It is an essential desktop reference work.

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