PRAGUE: Cleaning up non-performing loans in the CEE region

Banks in central and eastern Europe looking to restructure or dispose of non-performing loans can help attract investors by providing high-quality data, adhering to international sales standards and trying to anticipate problems before they arise, panellists noted in Prague in March. Ultimately, though, the main driver of investment is a favourable legal environment and an experienced local servicing industry.

07 June 2016

How momentum shifted between Argentina and the holdouts

GRR presents a timeline of events in the long and bitter fight - then prompt settlement - that characterised the relationship between Argentina and its holdouts.

07 June 2016

GRR’s Brexit poll

On 23 June, voters across the UK will go to the polls to decide the country’s future relationship with the European Union – should Britain remain a member state, subject to EU law and unrestricted in its access to the single market? Or should it “Brexit”, negotiate new trading relationships and enact standalone laws?

07 June 2016

NEW YORK: Distressed companies must communicate bad news, say panellists

Latin American companies facing insolvency amid turmoil in the commodities market and currency devaluations should be prepared to be transparent with creditors, take prompt action and release equity to ensure an efficient restructuring, heard attendees at the first Latin Lawyer - GRR Restructuring Summit, held in New York on Monday.

07 June 2016

TOKYO: III celebrates a day of firsts

At its first conference in Asia this week, the International Insolvency Institute (III) presented its inaugural founder’s award to octogenarian Japanese former judge Shinjiro Takagi, ahead of his forthcoming move to Singapore to help it become an international debt restructuring hub.

06 June 2016

MILAN: New NPL law is a silver lining in the storm clouds

The IBA Insolvency Section's 22nd annual global insolvency and restructuring conference opened with both figurative and literal storm clouds overhead, as speakers gave an update on the state of insolvency law and creditors' rights in Greece, to a backdrop of thunder. There was one silver lining on the horizon, however: a series of legal changes to liberalise the market for non-performing loans.

24 May 2016

READING: Rise of global debt requires less regulation, more monitoring

The continuing rise of corporate, banking and sovereign debt around the world requires less regulation and more supervision, argued sovereign debt expert Professor Rodrigo Olivares-Caminal of Queen Mary, University of London, at a conference held by the University of Reading this week.

23 May 2016

Nortel's Timeline

Seven years of court proceedings and mediation: a timeline of Nortel's deathspan.

12 April 2016

Nortel: Death is not the end

In 2009, Canada’s Nortel Networks Corporation, the global telecoms and data-networking powerhouse that, at its height, accounted for more than a third of the total valuation of the companies in the Toronto Stock Exchange, filed for protection from its creditors in Canada, the US and the UK. Seven years on, without a penny paid to creditors and with very few of the parties willing to speak freely about the state of play, Richard Woolley looks back on the key events over the lifespan – or deathspan – of Nortel.

12 April 2016

Nortel’s Dramatis Personae

UPDATED: In his judgment of 12 May 2015, Judge Kevin Gross of the Delaware bankruptcy court wondered why the Nortel parties “all represented by the ablest of lawyers” were unable to reach a settlement in the case. While Gross’s question remains unanswered, a glance as the list of key legal players in the matter bears out his assessment of their talents.

11 April 2016

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