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The Art of the Pre-Pack

‘Pre-packs’ are a hot topic in the world of restructuring and insolvency – wherever you are. But – until now – there hasn’t been a thematic overview that sets out the essentials of different jurisdictions while also drawing out what they have in common. This guide changes that.

The Art of the Pre-Pack draws on the wisdom of 18 pre-eminent practitioners from various key markets to provide the first structured overview of the art of completing a pre-pack deal, using overviews, country chapters and case studies. It is a companion volume to Global Restructuring Review’s The Art of the Ad Hoc, which provides comprehensive instruction on how to work successfully with the ad hoc committees.

Published January 2020

Our regional reviews commission top cross-border insolvency and restructuring professionals to write about the most significant current topics, recent news, and forthcoming developments in their region.