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Europe, Middle East and Africa Restructuring Review 2019

As well as daily news, GRR curates a range of comprehensive regional reviews. This volume, the Europe, Middle East and Africa Restructuring Review 2019, contains insight and thought leadership from 26 pre-eminent practitioners from these regions. Inside you will find chapters on Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Mauritius, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain and Switzerland; on the amended EU Insolvency Regulation, and Brexit (‘a retrogressive step for the UK insolvency market’); and how the Spanish pre-pack tool compares with the UK’s – and lots more.

Published June 2019

Our regional reviews commission top cross-border insolvency and restructuring professionals to write about the most significant current topics, recent news, and forthcoming developments in their region.

“The European Middle Eastern & African review surpasses its purpose as a simple and amicable way to get to know a variety of jurisdictions on the other side of the Atlantic, never setting aside the quality and depth that characterizes GRR. The review has been really useful to me as a way to get to know the framework and particularities of certain legislation before studying it or having to do work related to it. ”

- Diego Sierra
Von Wobeser y Sierra, S.C.