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The European, Middle Eastern and African Restructuring Review 2017

Complementing our news coverage, The European, Middle Eastern and African Review 2017 is one of a series of three, free-to-view regional reports, rooted in the front-line experience of pre-eminent practitioners. Contributors are selected because of their knowledge of complex issues in key jurisdictions. The 1st edition brings together the opinion and analysis of 35 pre-eminent practitioners from 14 different firms.

Global Restructuring Review would like to thank all our contributors for their time and effort, and we encourage readers to contact authors with any follow-up questions.

Our regional reviews commission top cross-border insolvency and restructuring professionals to write about the most significant current topics, recent news, and forthcoming developments in their region.

“The European Middle Eastern & African review surpasses its purpose as a simple and amicable way to get to know a variety of jurisdictions on the other side of the Atlantic, never setting aside the quality and depth that characterizes GRR. The review has been really useful to me as a way to get to know the framework and particularities of certain legislation before studying it or having to do work related to it. ”

- Diego Sierra
Von Wobeser y Sierra, S.C.