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Singapore’s International Commercial Court gets new rules, as JM probe announced

Two months after former Delaware Chief Bankruptcy Judge Christopher Sontchi began his first term with Singapore’s International Commercial Court, it has announced new rules giving it greater powers and flexibility to hear cross-border insolvency cases – while Singapore’s second minster for law has also revealed a study into the judicial management tool to “unlock its full potential”.

22 September 2022

GRR Live, Singapore: the hub, five years on

Singapore’s freshly appointed official receiver, Francis Ng SC, reflected on the five years since the city-state declared its ambition to be a regional restructuring hub and looked to its future as a potential centre for restructuring troubled cryptocurrency platforms in his keynote at GRR Live.

25 August 2022

GRR Live, Singapore: in pictures

GRR Live returned to Singapore on 24 August for our first international, in-person event since the covid pandemic hit.

25 August 2022

INSOL International, London: Developing a rescue finance market

Lower costs of enforcement in the US, speedier, specialised courts in Europe with a “proper” cross-border recognition regime, and Asian regulators that understand distress: a panel of investors from around the world shared their wish lists for an ideal environment to encourage the development of a global rescue financing market fit for the future.

10 August 2022

INSOL International: learning from failure – CEOs retell their stories

“It’s not just about the balance sheet,” the CEOs of three prominent groups that have recently undergone restructurings told INSOL International delegates in June, adding that giving equal weight to a company’s culture and ensuring good communication with its employees – top and bottom – is what makes a restructuring transaction truly transformational.

02 August 2022

GRR Live, Women in Restructuring: Valuations - an art, not a science

As the new UK restructuring plan puts valuations high up on the agenda for restructuring practitioners, speakers from the UK and US at GRR Live Women in Restructuring shared their experiences of dealing with contentious valuation issues where the numbers central to a business’ rescue are often “an art, not a science”.

28 July 2022

INSOL International, London: practical tips from the bench

A panel of judges from Europe, the US, Asia and the Cayman Islands compared how valuations issues are treated in their respective jurisdictions, and warned delegates to INSOL International’s London conference in June that urgency really needs to mean urgency when it is flagged – or parties risk damaging their credibility.

22 July 2022

INSOL, London: Reimagining INSOL at 40

INSOL International is celebrating its 40th birthday by launching a strategic plan to reimagine itself through to 2030, its president Scott Atkins said, as he opened the organisation’s first conference in three years with new initiatives to enhance engagement across Africa and China and set up focus groups on digital disruption and asset tracing.

27 June 2022

GRR Live, Women in Restructuring: is it 2007 all over again?

A 50% chance of a “shallow” recession next year, or 2007 all over again? Leading women in restructuring came together at GRR’s first live event in two and a half years to debate what lies ahead for practitioners and clients, amid skyrocketing inflation, post-covid supply chain issues and war in Europe.

10 June 2022

ABLI webinar: Utilising foreign jurisdictions to restructure Indonesian companies

English law seems to contradict the principles incorporated in the UNCITRAL Model Law, according to a speaker at a recent webinar hosted by the Asian Business Law Institute, where panellists also discussed foreign law considerations in Singaporean and Indonesian restructurings.

13 April 2022

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