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GRR Live – Latin Lawyer, New York: Why asset sales offer better protection than judicial restructuring in LatAm

Companies facing bankruptcy from the wave of anti-corruption probes following Operation Car Wash in Brazil have found that selling their assets before filing for judicial restructuring better preserves their value, delegates heard at the 4th Annual GRR Live-Latin Lawyer restructuring conference.

23 July 2019

GRR Live-Latin Lawyer 4th Annual Restructuring Conference: in pictures

The GRR Live-Latin Lawyer 4th Annual Restructuring conference took place in New York on 11 July, focusing on Brazil, Mexico and Venezuela, as well as on oil company and airline insolvencies. Click on the headline to see pictures from the event!

12 July 2019

GRR Live-Latin Lawyer, New York: The “unique” case of Venezuela's sovereign debt

The “astonishing” diversity of Venezuela’s US$150 billion debt pile means its potential sovereign debt workout will be unlike any seen before, the opposition government’s adviser Lee Buchheit has said, as he raised scepticism about state oil company PDVSA entering Chapter 15 bankruptcy in the US.

11 July 2019

GRR Live, Hong Kong: Opportunities and challenges in Mainland China

How have restructuring opportunities developed in China in the past few years; what challenges do practitioners face, and do the courts or the government have too big a role in bankruptcy proceedings? Speakers at GRR Live Hong Kong shared their experiences of working on the ground in China’s growing bankruptcy market.

02 July 2019

III, Barcelona: Grassgreen takes the helm

The International Insolvency Institute’s (III) first female president has taken the helm at a handover ceremony in a 14th century shipyard that today functions as Barcelona’s Maritime Museum.

18 June 2019

International Insolvency Forum, St Petersburg: Building bridges with UNCITRAL

The UNCITRAL Model Law on Enterprise Group Insolvency will be ready for adoption in July, the commission’s secretary Anna Joubin-Bret has said.

16 May 2019

GRR Live, Hong Kong: new questions for international insolvencies

Hong Kong’s restructuring scene is one of the most cross-border in the world, with three quarters of its listed companies incorporated offshore and most restructurings having a mainland China connection. But the territory still lacks a statutory regime for cross-border recognition – as recently brought into focus in the restructuring of Singaporean engineering company CW Group. What does this mean for international insolvencies in the region?

25 April 2019

ABI, Washington DC: The challenges of pursuing assets abroad

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has made it harder to get discovery in the EU, while it’s so easy in the US that some Latin American insolvency practitioners know about debtors’ foreign assets before the debtor even knows a foreign proceeding has been opened against them. Panellists from Florida, the Cayman Islands and Hong Kong recently discussed how to overcome the challenges of pursuing overseas assets.

23 April 2019

GRR Live Singapore - in pictures

Milbank partners David Zemans and Jacqueline Chan chaired the second GRR Live in Singapore this week looking at some of the cases that have tested the city-state’s new restructuring regime so far, and examining the huge growth in activity in India.

04 April 2019

GRR Live Singapore: How to turn a bad hand around

Last weekend saw a rare public demonstration in Singapore by retail bondholders who say they've been shut out of the restructuring process for water treatment company Hyflux. Amid news Hyflux’s proposed rescue plan has collapsed, delegates at GRR Live earlier this week shared ideas on how to turn a bad hand in a restructuring into a winning one.

04 April 2019

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