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NEW YORK: Distressed companies must communicate bad news, say panellists

Latin American companies facing insolvency amid turmoil in the commodities market and currency devaluations should be prepared to be transparent with creditors, take prompt action and release equity to ensure an efficient restructuring, heard attendees at the first Latin Lawyer - GRR Restructuring Summit, held in New York on Monday.

07 June 2016

MILAN: New NPL law is a silver lining in the storm clouds

The IBA Insolvency Section's 22nd annual global insolvency and restructuring conference opened with both figurative and literal storm clouds overhead, as speakers gave an update on the state of insolvency law and creditors' rights in Greece, to a backdrop of thunder. There was one silver lining on the horizon, however: a series of legal changes to liberalise the market for non-performing loans.

24 May 2016

READING: Rise of global debt requires less regulation, more monitoring

The continuing rise of corporate, banking and sovereign debt around the world requires less regulation and more supervision, argued sovereign debt expert Professor Rodrigo Olivares-Caminal of Queen Mary, University of London, at a conference held by the University of Reading this week.

23 May 2016

Atlas – ironing out a transparent Australian restructuring

As the iron ore industry faces difficulties from a dramatic drop in price, panellists in Singapore discussed the role of information gathering and transparency in the successful first stage of the turnaround of Australia’s Atlas Iron.

11 April 2016

Investing in sovereign debt through arbitral awards

Investment arbitration awards can create sovereign debt at one stroke, said Peter Griffin, founder of the consultancy Slaney Advisors, as he discussed what investors in distressed scenarios should look out for when considering opportunities to capitalise on arbitration in emerging markets.

11 April 2016

WIESBADEN: International insolvency legislation – separated by a common language?

Different implementing legislation for the UNCITRAL Model Law in the US and the UK has created two countries separated by a common language, speakers argued at a recent panel in Germany – as a former Cologne bankruptcy judge argued that Germany’s own international insolvency law is sufficient to get along without the Model Law.

11 April 2016

SINGAPORE: Court-to-court protocols are the key to cross-border consensus

Two judges and a lawyer from China, Singapore and the US discussed how to better manage cross-border insolvencies across Asia, agreeing that court-to-court protocols are a better solution than trying to harmonise different countries’ laws.

11 April 2016

LONDON: Assessing the EU's Single Resolution Mechanism

Distressed debt investors, advisors and turnaround management professionals from across the globe met in January to discuss the benefits and pitfalls of the EU's Single Resolution Mechanism: one of the main pillars of Europe's post-financial crisis banking union, whose purpose is to ensure an orderly resolution of failing banks with minimal costs for taxpayers and the economy.

15 February 2016

MIAMI: A pontification on the restructuring of corporate groups

Hundreds of bankruptcy judges gathered in Miami in September where they discussed, among other things, emerging ideas for the restructuring of multinational corporate groups – including why the pope could be an excellent allocator of assets.

05 February 2016

MIAMI: It’s good to talk - court-to-court communication in cross-border bankruptcy proceedings

Judges from Bermuda, Ireland and the UK met their US counterparts in Miami in September to discuss the history of court-to-court cooperation in bankruptcy proceedings – with Bermuda’s “common law, common sense” approach in the absence of statutory provisions being widely praised.

14 January 2016

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