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NEW YORK: how distressed investors can avoid reputational damage in Latin America

Private equity buyers looking to snap up distressed assets in Latin America must evaluate reputational damage to differentiate between a great opportunity and a trap in disguise, lawyers from Colombia, Argentina, Brazil and Chile have warned.

05 October 2016

LISBON: Risky business

A panel in Portugal considered last week what tools are available to help insolvency practitioners manage risks for investors in cross-border insolvencies, discussing the pros and cons of market analyses prepared by major financial institutions, as well as cross-border enforceability opinions obtained by the financial industry.

27 September 2016

Washington, DC: The politics of oil and gas restructuring

The recent oil price slump and attendant rise in oil and gas insolvencies has been exacerbated by the interference of political actors whose actions can both precipitate distress and damage turnarounds, a panel at the International Bar Association’s Annual Conference in Washington, DC has argued.

23 September 2016

Washington, DC: European Banking Union - a job for a Marvel hero?

This year's International Bar Association Annual Conference kicked off in Washington DC earlier this week with a panel discussing the promises and progress of the early years of the European Banking Union.

22 September 2016

A golden age for China’s bankruptcy law?

Year-on-year drops in economic growth and a ballooning debt bubble have placed China in a debt-to-GDP “danger zone”, similar to Japan in the late 1980s, and the UK and US ahead of 2008. With a banking crisis potentially on the horizon, the International Insolvency Institute (III) gathered a selection of speakers from around the world to examine the challenges facing China and its trading partners in this new era.

02 September 2016

BRUSSELS: six points to consider when shifting COMI

A recent debate in Brussels considered the virtues of different insolvency regimes in the US and EU for the purpose of choosing a centre of main interest (COMI) – and found that forum shoppers are probably best off in America.

23 August 2016

The III arrives in Asia

Increasing creditor participation in typically debtor-friendly Japan; new out-of-court workout rule rules in China and Korea; and Singapore’s recently announced ambition to become an international debt restructuring hub were all topics of discussion when the International Insolvency Institute (III) hosted its first-ever conference in Asia in June.

15 August 2016

BRUSSELS: protecting the wealth of Europe

The development of pre-insolvency mechanisms alongside formal tools such as schemes of arrangement has been a valuable response to complex financial issues and should be borne in mind by regulators attempting to harmonise regimes, speakers said at a conference in Brussels on 16 to 17 June.

13 July 2016

NEW YORK: Brazil’s bankruptcy law must evolve as restructuring cases skyrocket

Legal uncertainty, corruption investigations and an undiversified financial system continue to affect clients’ confidence in Brazil’s 10-year-old bankruptcy laws, but a growing body of jurisprudence is gradually ironing out some of the kinks in the restructuring process, agreed lawyers at the Latin Lawyer - GRR Restructuring Summit in New York last month.

05 July 2016

LONDON: Lawyers warn of proposed new US intercompany debt rules

Newly proposed intercompany debt regulations in the US could result in many debt instruments between related parties being characterised as equity, lawyers warned at a recent seminar, as they explored the impact of the potential changes on cross-border transactions.

27 June 2016

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