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GRR Live London: Brexit, a consumer squeeze and Jeremy Corbyn – a look at the UK’s economy with Deloitte’s Ian Stewart

With a mounting number of insolvencies on the British high street and among British firms, and uncertainty over the UK’s future after Brexit, Deloitte’s chief economist Ian Stewart addressed GRR Live London on threats and challenges to the UK economy.

23 March 2018

GRR Live London 2018 - in pictures

Panellists at the third annual GRR Live London christened 2018 as the "year of the company voluntary arrangement" as they discussed the woes facing Britain's high streets and predicted other sectors that could be calling on restructuring counsel in the coming months.

23 March 2018

GRR Live Singapore: DIPping into uncharted waters

Last year, Singapore introduced debtor-in-possession financing into its restructuring regime, generating disquiet among some large banks who were concerned about superpriority lenders leapfrogging their secured creditor status. But panellists at GRR Live welcomed the new tool, predicting it would be accepted in good time – and telling users they should not be put off by the outcome of the first test case, Re Attilan.

21 March 2018

GRR Live Singapore: A new era?

With last year’s amendments to Singapore’s Companies Law now bedding down, the first-ever GRR Live in the city-state heard from practitioners on the front line about who they thought had been the winners – and losers – so far following the adoption of the UNCITRAL Model Law, worldwide moratoria for schemes of arrangement, and other flagship changes.

09 March 2018

GRR Live Singapore - in pictures

GRR hosted its inaugural Live event in Singapore on 7 March, where speakers assessed the progress so far of the city-state’s ambitious plans to become an international debt restructuring hub. Photos from the event inside.

09 March 2018

ABI, New York: Jurisdictional dilemmas for Brazilian and US bankruptcy courts

Speakers at the ABI’s Cross-Border Insolvency Programme in New York discussed some recent jurisdictional dilemmas before Brazilian and US bankruptcy courts as regards the opening of proceedings for foreign-registered companies, the termination of contracts and third party releases.

14 February 2018

ABI, New York: Pushing the limits on cross-border assistance

When should courts cooperate to assist foreign companies to restructure, and at what point should they stop? A panel at the ABI Cross-Border Insolvency Programme in New York compared recent cases in Canada and the Cayman Islands, where some courts went out of their way to help, and others simply said: “I can’t”.

05 February 2018

Paris restructuring symposium: EU to seek agreement on harmonisation directive by December

The EU hopes to have a general agreement on its proposed directive on preventive restructuring frameworks by December, a European Commission representative has told industry professionals in Paris.

24 January 2018

GRR Live, Hong Kong: Corporate rescue proposals due in 2018 to be influenced by Australian administration

Hong Kong’s official receiver, Phyllis McKenna, explained to delegates at GRR Live that long-awaited corporate rescue proposals in the special administrative region won’t be a debtor-in-possession regime like the US, and more recently Singapore – but they are taking inspiration from Australia.

15 December 2017

GRR Live, Hong Kong: Scheme jurisdiction in a multi-jurisdictional context

The Gibbs rule - that a contractual debt can only be compromised under the law governing it - has received a fair amount of negative press since a Singapore court declined to apply it in Pacific Andes last year. But in his keynote at GRR Live Hong Kong last month, Companies Court judge Jonathan Harris said the rule had been helpful locally in providing a “sufficient connection” for the sanctioning of schemes relating to foreign companies.

22 November 2017

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