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SGRI, Singapore: Sontchi on 16 years on the Delaware bankruptcy bench

Closing the Singapore Global Restructuring Initiative’s inaugural conference, Judge Christopher Sontchi provided 16 observations from his 16 years on the Delaware bankruptcy bench, saying judges will only ever know “a small fraction” of the truth and settlements are “almost always” better than court decisions.

18 November 2022

III & ABLI launch new guide on treatment of insolvent MSEs in Asia

Two international insolvency organisations have launched a new guide on the treatment of insolvent micro and small enterprises in Asia, aiming to plug a gap in the legislative regimes of many Asian jurisdictions.

16 November 2022

SGRI, Singapore: crypto collapses “enliven” opportunity for mediation

The high-profile collapses of FTX and other crypto companies will lead to the “next wave” of mediations and arbitrations, according to speakers at the Singapore Global Restructuring Initiative’s inaugural conference.

15 November 2022

IBA, Miami: valuation advice from the US to Europe

As valuation disputes are expected to become more prevalent in Europe following the introduction of the EU’s preventative restructuring directive, a US lawyer said there is only ever one result if valuation is left to be assessed by a judge: “he or she is going to get it wrong”.

03 November 2022

IBA, Miami: “information is an asset”

As a dispute over property requirements for Chapter 15 debtors heads for a potential circuit clash in Florida, a panellist at the International Bar Association’s annual conference has said information should be reconceptualised as an asset.

01 November 2022

ABI, London: new UNCITRAL Model Laws and Gibbs, strange bedfellows

A panel presented by the International Insolvency Institute at the American Bankruptcy Institute's London conference took stock of what the UK’s potential adoption of two new UNCITRAL Model Laws could mean for cross-border insolvencies running through England, and for the controversial 19th century Gibbs rule that requires English law-governed debt to be restructured in the UK.

27 October 2022

ABI, London: Are we back to the 70s? What high inflation and interest rates mean for restructurings

At the American Bankruptcy Institute’s first in-person London event since the start of the pandemic, panellists delved into what the return of high rates of inflation and interest mean for the restructuring space.

21 October 2022

GRR Live, New York: China’s debt-trap conspiracy

After two decades that have seen China become the largest bilateral lender to the world’s poorest countries, attendees at GRR Live in New York said talk of so-called “debt-trap diplomacy” is misplaced but the country needs to decide whether it wants to be isolated or part of the developed financial world.

19 October 2022

GRR Live, New York: in pictures

GRR Live returned to New York last week after a three-year break due to covid-19.

10 October 2022

INSOL Europe, Dubrovnik: “We may have checked out, but we haven’t left”

Lord Justice Snowden told delegates at INSOL Europe’s annual conference that, following the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union, the stage has been set for a dissenting creditor to go to England and argue the Gibbs rule does not provide a “sufficient connection” or that a scheme should not be entertained because it would not be recognised abroad.

10 October 2022

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