Shinichiro Abe

Shinichiro Abe

Kasumigaseki International Law Office (KILO)
[email protected]

Shinichiro Abe is one of Japan’s leading specialists in Japanese and international corporate restructuring and insolvency law. He is also well versed in domestic corporate and commercial transactions and disputes, including domestic and international arbitration. Shinichiro has also contributed to numerous publications and has spoken at various seminars and events on the topics of insolvency, arbitration and mediation, and other topical subjects. Shinichiro is a visiting law professor both at Chuo Law School and Kokushikan University (Department of Law).

He established his own law firm in 2016 and is a member of various professional affiliations, with roles including the following: former chair of the insolvency committee of the International Pacific Bar Association; board member of the International Insolvency Institute; board member of the Japanese Association for Business Recovery (affiliation of Insol); and board member of the Japanese Association of Turnaround Professionals.

His recent publications include:

  • ‘Recent Trends in Japanese ADR for Restructuring Insolvent Business’, KLRI Journal of Law and Legislation, Vol 9 Number 2, 2019, (KORIA LEGULATION RESEARCH INSTITUTE, November 2019);
  • ‘Recent developments in Japanese insolvency practice’, International Insolvency & Restructuring Report 2018/2019 (Capital Market Intelligence, 2018);
  • ‘The Role of Mediation in Japanese Insolvency Practice’, Transnational Dispute Management 4, 2017;
  • ‘Japan’, Cross-Border Insolvency, Globe Law and Business’, 2016 (co-author);
  • A Revised Corporate Law, Yachiyo Shuppan, 2016 (co-author); and
  • ‘Creditor Reorganization Procedure Strategy’, Final Results of Reorganization, Shoji Homu, February 2015.

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